Watercolor is my predominant medium for painting. Most of my inspiration comes from photographs of places I have been or scenes of the natural world around me. Occasionally I just get in a mood and see something in my mind's eye that I would like to try to portray. I love landscapes and natural objects of any sort and in all seasons. I concentrate more on animals, plants, water and flowers and the spatial relationships established between them and their surroundings.

Artist's Statement

"Art, to me, is a means to escape the rat race world we live in and go to a more tranquil, pleasant and , sometimes, whimsical place. It can take us back in time or project us forward to the next season's beauty.  It expresses the joy of life as well as the melancholy.  It is capturing the essence of an object, person or scene whather experienced in life or devised in our imagination. When most artists create, time stands still for them-- an afternoon can pass in an exhaled breath. And yet, in that time spent something comes to life that can touch a chord in viewers and speak to their inner souls. This is the gift of art."

A longtime resident of New Jersey, Meredith moved to  Hickory in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina in 2007. Since then she has established herself as a integral part of the artist community. She is a member of Full Circle Arts, Foothills Painters, a founding member of Trade Alley Art gallery and a Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina. Meredith also supports the Hickory Museum of Art, the Rock  School, Valdese, The Wilkes Art Gallery, Caldwell Arts Council and the United Arts Council of Catawba County.